Trompz is an enterprise by David Tromp to create a company in which artists can freely cooperate and collebarte with eachother on a variety of projects. By doing this it can become a pillar in the art development process for clients and partners.

Our international freelance firm has a team able to work on multiple different tasks such as 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional art, animation and concept design. Based in the Netherlands the company values proper compensation and freedom within you working space.

" Ever since I was a little boy I have had a great imagination. This caused me to often run around through the woods fighting “elves and dragons” but it also caused me to pick up drawing and conceptual thinking relatively young. I always fantasized about something like creatures, islands, weapons etc. and always tried making something similar on paper or on clay. This was one of the most enjoyable things I ever did. After a few years however my course leaded me to different ways and when I grew older I choose to work in electronics. From that time I mostly stopped both drawing and conceptual thinking for a long time. Eventually I went to an engineer education but only after a few months I knew this was not meant for me. After choosing passion over what was practical at the time i decided to inlist at the university of art in Groningen. 4 years later I once again stood at a crossroad choosing between working full time at a local place or to try and make something on my own and start Trompz."

A reverb of David Tromp founder of Trompz.

In the following years trompz has worked in many projects art related and even stepped into 3D printing/visualization.

photoshop/gimp/krita/illustrator are programs used for sketches, illustrations and concept designs. Many times clients need concepts of a design to give a better direction of what they want.

Zbrush is a program used daily at trompz .

this virtual clay program is used amonig other things for the creation of 3d printed objects. Even for art visualization, It can be a powerful tool both in 2d as in 3d

3ds Max/Modo is a speciality program used when needed to do more technical/architectiual designs.