Trompz is a Visual design and 3d design comppany. We offer mutiple services, from unique custom jewelry designs to figurine/poster designs for mass porduction. look Below to find more information.

Visual design

need a illustration for a website, novel or album cover? get into contact with us and find out wich prize ranges and options we have available for you.

3D design for print

Looking something to be 3d printed? Trompz has great experience around this matter. Countless clients have come with an idea or design What then has been made in 3d and printed. contact us and let us see how we could help you.

It is advised to have an idea of how the figure or design would look in mind beforehand in the form of a modelsheet as this would save a lot of time and thereby reducing the price of the order.

You cantonact us by cliking the image. this will redirect you to an email aidress (

custom jewelry

Do you want something custom with an unique design only you woud have? it works the following; After we have made contact with our client we discuss the wishes of the client and go to work. After we have made multiple desings we once aggain dsicuss with the client wich design is the most desirable and optional changes.

Finally the design will be shown and printed to assure it fits comfortly and the client is content with the design. Then the jewelry will be send to a metal cutting company and can be made into copper, brass, silver or gold.